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Simonmed Imaging has established itself as a major player in the outpatient medical imaging and radiology markets. Simonmed, known for its innovative approach and commitment to accessibility, provides a full spectrum of diagnostic services. The organization has 160 locations across the US, making it one of the largest specialty radiology practices in the country.

Requirements for a Simonmed Imaging Login

To log in to the SimonMed Imaging Patient Portal, you need to official website and “Patient Portal” link.

There, you’ll be required to enter your first name, last name, and date of birth to log in. Once logged in, you can view your appointments, test results, and request prescription renewals​​.

Simonmed Imaging Login Step By Step Process

To log in to SimonMed Imaging, please follow below steps:

Simonmed Imaging Login
  • Click on the “Login” button.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • After logging in, you can access your appointments, test results, and more​​.

Acquisition and Expansion

Simonmed was reportedly acquired for $600 million by a private equity firm based in New York, demonstrating its enormous impact in the healthcare business and potential for expansion. The acquisition underlines Simonmed’s significant position as one of the major outpatient radiology businesses in the US, and corresponds with the trend of imaging industry consolidation.

Benefits of The Simonmed Imaging

SimonMed Imaging offers significant benefits including access to the latest diagnostic imaging technologies, ensuring accurate and speedy diagnoses.

Their specialized approach, combined with advanced AI, provides precise, comprehensive care at lower costs.

With over 160 convenient locations, patients have the flexibility for late night, weekend, and same-day appointments, promoting accessibility and convenience​​.


Simonmed Imaging distinguishes out for its commitment to making advanced diagnostic services available and affordable. Simonmed is forging the future of diagnostic healthcare by focusing on cutting edge technology, patient centered care, and a vast network of facilities, providing patients with more than just treatment but also a proactive approach to maintaining their health. As the company grows and innovates, it stays dedicated to offering high quality, cost effective imaging services.


How to register for SimonMed Patient Portal?

Ans:- Visit the official website, click on “Schedule Online,” then “Sign up now,” and fill in the required information.

How to log in to SimonMed Patient Portal?

Ans:- Go to the official website, access the Patient Portal, enter your personal details, and click “Login.”

How to access SimonMed Provider?

Ans:- Visit the official website, click on “Providers Login,” and enter your username and password​​.